Pronto makes things better for everybody.

Pronto is a first for the rehab industry, which transforms how patient referrals are made. With Pronto, referrers can link directly with clinics, securely and in real time. So life for the referrer, clinic and patient is improved. The industry needed to change, and now it has.

Pronto makes sense for the whole industry - It integrates with TM3, TM2, Click and PPS, the major providers of rehab clinical solutions in the UK.

  • Cutting edge technology to deliver true change
  • Completely transforms a traditionally unwieldly business process
  • Great for Referrers - Real time, secure referrals and bookings into a network of clinics across the UK
  • Great for Clinics - Dramatically reduces the admin overhead of referrals
  • Great for Patients - Delivers an incredible patient journey

We've developed a real step change for our industry, bringing true integration between referrers and clinics for the first time. Pronto changes everything for the better, saving time and money across all parts of the network.

Commercial Director, Kyle Lunn

Our UK Headquarters

The Pronto Network Explained...

This short video explains how Pronto works.

  • Automatic Appointments in the Diary
  • Less time spent chasing up appointments
  • More time with patients
  • High quality service
  • Secure and Professional

Fully Connected

The Pronto Network allows patient referrals and treatment authorisations to be transferred directly to the clinic, securely and in real time. Live appointments can be booked by the referrer, which transforms the patient journey

Network Wide

Whether you're a referrer, a clinic or a patient, the Pronto Network represents a significant improvement in referral handling at all levels, from referrer, to patient, to clinic. The Pronto Network now supports the majority of the UK population.

Since 2013

The Pronto Network has been developed by established industry leaders Blue Zinc IT, who provide practice and case management solutions to many of the leading rehab clinics and referrers across the UK.Since Pronto's launch in 2013, every week sees new participants.

How Pronto Works

Stage One

A rehab clinic which uses TM3, TM2, Click or PPS to manage their business, makes their clinical sessions available to their existing referrers who use the Pronto network.

Stage Two

The Referrer books into only those appointments made available by Pronto Network clinics. In one single call the appointment is made, and the patient referral & authorisation are securely transferred.

Stage Three

The appointment is booked in real time, securely into the clinic's diary. So the initial appointment is confirmed instantly for the referrer, patient and clinic. By streamlining the process dramatically, the patient journey is transformed.

Stage Four

The administration for the clinic is dramatically reduced, so their time can be spent more effectively.Automatic appointment updates to the referrer, electronic billing and reporting are also an option.

Our Network Partners